“Congratulations on your Unpaid Internship”

Hi! I’m Intern Johnny and I’m so excited to welcome you to your UNPAID INTERNSHIP at TGM!

There are so many great things about being an Unpaid Intern here. Here is a list of some of those things:

  • Really good food pellets

  • Live/Work Cubicle

  • Your very own Peripatetic Device®

    & most of all:

  • You get to WATCH CONTENT

That’s right folks, the first task I am authorized to assign to you as part of your Unpaid Internship is to watch TGM content on a TGM website.

If you visit https://toughguymountain.games between 2pm – 5pm ET from June 22 – 25, you too will be able to help the Interns fix Internity. See, we Interns tried to make an immersive VR unpaid Internship Experience, but it has a lot of bugs! And if they don’t fix it soon, the Execs are going to lose their s**t (excuse me).

So join us through the twitch stream embedded on our website, or at twitch.tv/toughguymountain, to help the Interns find bugs in Internity. OR if you are in Toronto, you can come find the bugs yourself, at Claremont Project Space (36 Claremont Ave), between 2pm to 5pm from June 22 – 25.


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