Make the interns wishlist Internity on Steam

Dear Interns, Junior Interns, Junior Mountaineers, and Junior Mountaineer apprentices,

My name is Joan. Joan Popular. You may refer to me as Mr. Popular, or by my title: The Chief Technology Architect of Tough Guy Mountain.

It is with radiance that I convey to you a soon to be realized vision, and with tolerance that I ask for your support in this matter.

For years I have worked on a project called: Internity.

The vision was simple: keep interns productive forever. It has always given me great anxiety that interns die or get promoted. Sometimes my favorite intern, someone who I’d made great personal investment in, would change. I didn’t like this. I missed their rosy little cheeks on the first day of their unpaid internship. I missed their innocence. I missed how much they required my direction.

My latest protegé, little Intern Jonny, is currently successfully suspended in Internity. Those of you who attended our perfect product demo at Apocablyss in Montréal have already met him. My colleagues Beige Cathy and Ivan Phone told me it went very well. I hope they aren’t lying to me. Thank you for coming out and supporting the important work we do at Tough Guy Mountain!

Internity is a fun little game for you, but a monumental personal achievement for me. Now interns can be trapped in their first day forever, and I have complete control over how much (or better yet, how little!) they change and grow.

You can now wishlist Internity on Steam. All you need is an active steam account and this link:

I’ve provided you with the latter. The former is up to you, Intern!

If you need more information, which I don’t see why you would, here’s a wonderful short film about Internity. Starring my little Intern Jonny and one of my horrible colleagues that is always stressing me out.

We really need you to do this and I know we can count on you.

Radiantly (shut up Joan you already used that word!),

Joan Popular

Chief Technology Architect

Tough Guy Mountain